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Dear hoteliers, restaurateurs, owners of car rental companies, tour operators and tourist agents,

  • If you desire to present your products and services in the most professional manner;
  • If you desire to acquaint countless customers around the globe with your business;
  • If you desire to distribute the information about you through the fastest developing system in the world the Internet, Your best choice is the on-line catalogue for tourist services BG Travel Guide!

To become a part of the catalogue all you need to do is to contact our representatives, which will answer all your questions with pleasure.

You can make your choice between the Economy plan and the VIP plan.

The Economy plan comprises of the following services:

  • Enlisting in the on-line catalogue BG Travel Guide with the following information:
    • Name
    • Descriptive text up to 1000 symbols
    • Region
    • Type of the area
    • Category
    • Offer type
    • Extras and amenities
    • Price range
    • Contact details: telephone, fax, e-mail, WebPage.
  • Photographs up to 7 pc.
  • Update of the information and the pictures if necessary.

Economy plan subscription for 12 months 99lv. (VAT not included)

The VIP plan includes all services, listed in the Economy plan, as well as the following:

  • VIP offer status ensured (records with VIP offer status are visualized at top position in the list of offers in a certain category);
  • Descriptive text unlimited size
  • Photographs up to 15 pc.
  • Option for Special offer

VIP plan subscription for 12 months 149lv. (VAT not included)