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Sozopol is a beautiful town on the south Bulgarian Black sea coast, 35km. south of Burgas. The town center (The old town) is situated on a small peninsula. Sozopol is one of the 100 National tourist sites of the Bulgarian tourist union. The climate of Sozopol is perfect for recreation and tourism. The summer is long, sunny and warm, the sea water is clean and warm, the aquatory is suitable for bathing and lacks cold currents and dangerous wildlife. The beach is covered with fine sand and presents an incredible view towards the bay and the Old Sozopol. The town has a bus station and a small port, which is used mainly by yachts and small fishing boats.

Sozopol is among the oldest and most significant ancient towns along the Black sea coast. The first settlement was founded 3 000 years before Christ and during the VII century BC was founded a Greek town, called polis. The town grows as a commercial and port center, gradually forms as a center of arts. The name Sozopolis (Town of the salvation) the town receives during the IV c. The old part of Sozopol was proclaimed a museum, which includes 180 dwelling houses and many churches; all being built during XVIII XIX c. from stone and wood. The ancient history of Sozopol bequeaths numerous archaeological and architectural finds several castles, Trachian barrows, antique necropolis, city walls from the Medieval ages, many churches and chapels.

Sozopol today is among the most visited and beloved Black sea resorts, which blends in a unique manner the enchantment of the small town, the spirit of the past centuries, the magnificence of the clean and unspoiled nature, excellent conditions for practicing of tourism and sport. Accommodation can be arranged in contemporary luxurious hotel complexes, small family hotels, private houses and rooms for rent. The places, where food and drinks are served, are plentiful and various from deluxe and traditional restaurants to fast-food, bars and discos. The facilities for sport and entertainment are also very good. Several camping sites are located in proximity with Sozopol Gradina, Zlatna ribka, Kavatsite, Veselie, Smokinya.
Close to Sozopol is the St.Ivan island, which is the largest island along the Bulgarian Black sea coast (660 000sq.m) and is a nature and archaeological reserve.

The Apollonia Festival of arts is of national significance and is organized annually from 1 September until 10 September.