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Диабло Рент а кар

Оценка: 3.5

Рент а кар Диабло има дългогодишен опит в отдаването на автомобили под наем. Нашата фирма предлага удобство, сигурност и комфорт за клиентите си. Вие можете да наемете автомобил, с който да пътувате както в България, така и в Европа.

Населено място: Пловдив
Адрес на обекта: ул. Цар Асен 30
Категория: Автомобили под наем
Телефони: 032 63 50 57; 0889925566

Мнения на клиенти

Helmut Kiel
Оценка: 1

This Rent-A-Car gave me a car with an empty tank (serious companies usually give you the car with a full tank, so you return it full). In that way, they use the opportunity, that customers might not return the car completely empty, so that they can keep the rest of the gas for themselves, by taking it out of the tank afterwards. In my case, exactly that happened: When I got the car, the tank was empty (the light was blinking), and they didnt even properly explain me how to find the next gas station. Returning the car, the tank was still closely to half full, which is gas of the value of around 40 Leva. I returned the car too late (you have to return it the exact hour you rented it 24 hours before, not just on the day) and they charged me an extra day which costs 30leva. The company was not willing to accept that the gas in the car has actually exactly the value of the rent for one day. So I had to pay 30 leva for the extra day and they got 40 leva of gas. In that way, I felt cheated on. They seem to me very unserious and not customer friendly, they rather try to squeeze everything out of you they can, just by their terms of bussiness. If you want to rent a car in Plovdiv, take another company which gives you the car with a full tank, as it is supposed to be and which treat you as a customer.

Cary Tiersy
Оценка: 6

I am very pleased with this company. Staff is very friendly. Work with new cars. I think that this is the best rent a car in Plovdiv. My family enjoyed their years of service and we never had problems. Greetings.

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